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Gold Rush Mining Location
Mine Site
Mine Location

Gold Rush Mining is located in the Valdez Creek Mining District , along White Creek and extends up to the big Rusty Creek. It is about half way between Paxon and Cantwell in East Central Alaska. The area owned by the company covers over 1000 acres. Also, the company owns mineral rights to 250 acres on Rusty creek. Drill line 100, the most promising region tested, is found at the lower end of the claims on White Creek. About 1800 feet above Drill line 100 near the confluence of Big Rusty Creek and White Creek is the camp area.

The TAG site of mining operation is accessible by road from mile post 80 of the Denali Highway. There is a gravel road off the milepost which leads to the old town site of Denali, which is near the historic Valdez Creek mine, Alaska's largest open pit mine and the site of current mining operation by Cambior Inc. The TAG claims are an additional seven miles up Valdez Creek on a privately maintained gravel road. This region of Alaska is a highly mineralized area with rich placer deposits; however the load source (Mother Load) has not been found. Steve Borell, a member of the Alaska Miners Association, states "It's one of the most active districts in the state and has proven itself as a huge placer gold deposit".

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